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Antiviral Drug Design Platform-AD2P
Responsable : Jean-Claude Guillemot • Responsable Tech. : Cécilia Eydoux
Adresse : AFMB-Polytech
Case 925 - BAT B - Campus de Luminy
163 Avenue de Luminy
13288 Marseille



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Moyens et equipements


• BSL-2 dedicated to radionucleotides handling experiments
• 1 robot Beckman I5 (96 wells and 384 wells plate heads)
• 1 robot Beckman 4000 (1 and 8 tips) in BSL-2 radionucleotide environment
• WallacMicroBeta trilux (Perkin Elmer)
• Phospho-imager Typhoon (Life science)
• PheraStar omega (BMG Labtech)
• fluorimètre Tecan Safire2
• Storage space for > 68 000 chemical molecules)
• LISM (Modul Bio)
• AKTA pure system for purification of target proteins


Linux Centos Cluster:
• 32 CPU Intel Xeon running @3,00 Ghz
• 64Go Memory
• 4To-Raid 5-Fiber Chanel-SAS Storage (hard drive)
• 10 Gbytes internal ethernet network
State of the art molecular modeling software:
• Chemo-Informatic: Tripos package (Sybyl, molcad, biopolymer, UNITY, UNITY3D, QSAR, HQSAR, CoMFA, Topomer search, Topomer CoMFA, Volsurf plus, Selector…)
• Docking Protein-Ligand: FlexX (BiosolveIT), OpenEye, Autodock
• Docking Protein-Protein: Haddock, Chemera
• Molecular Dynamics Simulation: CHARMM, NAMD, VMD
• Molecular Visualization & Structure Calculations: pymol, modeller, CNS, ARIA


BSL-3 screening space, fully equipped with 2 robots.
Q Flex 12K-PCR and dedicated robot (Qiacube HT96P)