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BioImaging Center Lille
Responsable : Frank LAFONT • Responsable Tech. : L. Héliot, C. Slomianny, T. Idziorek, P Brodin
Adresse : Frank Lafont
Inst. Pasteur de Lille 1 rue du Prof Calmette
59021 Lille



Plate-forme certifiée ISO 9001

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Presentation de la plate-forme

The BioImaging Center Lille (BICeL, develops a strategy aiming at establishing a pipeline from high throughput screening based on imaging to very high content analysis. This is done while maintaining a high quality of services on routine activities and supporting the emergence of new technologies in function of the needs of the users.
BICeL has been created in January 2010 at the initiative of the campus located in 3 sites: Pasteur Insitute, University-Hospital and Science University. In 2016, 32 staffs are involved (representing 14.5 FTE) allowing 397 users from 102 research teams to access to 62 systems including 51 open for booking. These teams are from Lille (72% including the 4 Laboratories of Excellence in Biology-Health, the SIRIC OncoLille and LICEND-Center of excellence for neurodegenerative diseases), academics but Lille (22%) and from the private sector (6%). The BICeL facility offers access to leading technologies on 5 Platforms: Flow Imaging and Cytometry, High throughput screening using high content screening, and Atomic Force, Electronic and Photonic (incl. in vivo imaging for rodent and aquatic animals) microscopy. These activities are transversal between the 3 sites. One coordinator is named to manage the resources distributed between these sites. BICeL has obtained the GIS-IBiSA label since 2010 but has never been funded by IBiSA. BICeL is ISO 9001:2008 certified since 2014.
BICeL supports the ImagInEx BioMed EquipEx Project of the Investment for the Future Program, which was ranked in first raw of the first Call in 2011. This project is managed by the Comue-ULNF, but the BICeL depends also on the CNRS, INSERM, Univ of Lille, Institut Pasteur de Lille and the Regional Hospital Center of Lille. The 2012-2014 period was devoted, with success and according to the planned schedule, to the installation and opening for reservation of the new instruments. The running phase will end in 2019, Dec 31st. BICeL belongs to many technological networks in France and at the international level. The staff has been involved as co-author in 137 original publications (2010-2015) & 5 patents vs. the 45 & 1 for the 2006-2009 period demonstrating the added value of the new structuration.

Moyens et equipements

a) Photonic microscopy
- Epifluorescence / Phase
- Zeiss AxioImager Apotome, upright
-Axioplan2, upright, color camera
-2 x Axioplan2, upright
-Nikon, Eclipse FN1, upright
-Nikon, Eclipse 80i, upright
-Olympus BX60, upright
-Leica DMIRE2, inverted
-Zeiss Axiophot2, upright
- Confocal
- CLSM Zeiss LSM880, inverted – fast Airyscan
- CLSM Zeiss LSM710, upright
- CLSM Zeiss LSM 710, inverted, Airyscan
-CLSM Zeiss LSM 700
-CLSM Zeiss LSM 780, inverted
-Spinning Disk Zeiss
-Spinning Disk, FRAP, SR Nikon-Roper
-Nikon A1R
- Videomicroscopes
- Zeiss AxioObserver Z1, TIRF
- Zeiss AxioObserver Z1, DG4
-Leica AF 6000 LX
-Leica DMIRE2
-Nikon Biostation
- vidéoFRAP Nikon & Roper Scientific
- Multiphoton
- SP8 Leica, Chameleon Coherent
- Microdissection
-Leica AS LMD
- AxioScan Z1
- Bioluminescence/Fluorescence systems for animal imaging
- Lumina RX, PerkinElmer
-FMT Perkin Elmer
-Ligth Sheet
-Ultramicroscope II, Lavision Biotech
-4 Off line stations
- Mercator explora Nova
- Zen Blue/Zen Black, ImageJ, Fiji
- Imaris, Autoquant, Living Image, Zen Blue/Zen Black, ImageJ, Fiji, Icy
- Zen Blue/Zen Black (codistribution module), ImageJ, Fiji, Icy

b) Electronic Microscopy
-Sample preparation: Leica Reichert AFS, EM HPM100, EM AFS2-FSP
-Cut: Leica Ultracut Leica R, E, UCT-FCS, EM UC7-FC7
*TEM JEOL 2100 Lab6 (Tomo, Cryo, STEM, EDX)
*TEM Hitachi 7500,
*SEM Merlin VP Compact cryo-3view

-Bruker Catalyst/ Zeiss TIRF (S2 lab)
-Bruker Resolve/Zeiss Elyra PAL-M
-Bruker Fastscan
-Bruker Multimode
-JPK Nanowozard III, BioMat
-JPK Nanowizard Ultra/Abberior STED/RESOLFT

d)Flow Imaging & Cytometry
-Analyzer :
*Cell Lab Quanta, Beckman Coulter
*CYAN ADP, Beckman Coulter
*FACS Calibur, Becton Dickinson
*FACS Canto II, Becton Dickinson
*LSR Fortessa, Becton Dickinson
*LSR Fortessa X20, Becton Dickinson
-Cell Sorter
*ACS Aria I, Becton Dickinson
*FACS Aria SORP, Becton Dickinson
- ImageStream X mkII, Amnis

e) HCS
-Perkin Elmer Opera in S3 lab equipped with automation and cell incubator
- Imager GE InCell 6000, Automated platform Agilent (incl . microplaque agitation module, Heating waterbath, barcode reader, pipetting head, sealing system, multimodal (UV/Vis, lumin, fluo) reader, Echo Labcyte, safety cabinets, cell incubators, plaque washing , labelling and stacker systems) in S2 lab