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Biogenouest Génomique
Responsable : Philippe Vandenkoornhuyse • Responsable Tech. : R Redon, J Mosser, S Hourdez, P Vandenkoornhuyse
Adresse : OSUR, Université de Rennes I, campus Beaulieu,
35042 Rennes



Plate-forme certifiée ISO 9001

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Presentation de la plate-forme

One platform 'Biogenouest Genomics' with 3 sites
(1) Rennes
(2) Nantes
(3) Roscoff

Site 1: Rennes 'Human and Environmental Genomics core facility '

Main fields: Human health, Ecology, Evolution, Environmental sciences

Services :
Library preparation & mass sequencing
- genomics, metagenomics (DNAseq), transcriptomics, metatranscriptomics (RNAseq, déplété ou non)
- snRNA,
- Epigenetics (ChIP-Seq, Methyl-Seq...)
- Captured DNA (exom...)
- Amplicons (metabarecoding & mutation analyses)
- Deep Multiplexing of DNAs to sequence

-high throughput Gene Expression, gene quantitation, Genotyping & SNP analyses

- Bioinformatic analyses
Analyses I & II
-Pre processing data, read alignment, transcriptome profiling, differential expression, interpretation (functional annotation)

Site 2: Nantes 'Genomics core facility'

Main fields: Biomedical research
Expression microarrays (Agilent, Affymetrix GeneTitan) for mRNA/miRNA
Genotypinq arrays (Affymetrix Axiom)
CGH microarrays (Agilent)

* Real-time PCR on Roche Lighcycler
High Resolution Melting
SNP genotyping (Taqman)
Sanger sequencing/genotyping
Next-Generation Sequencing (Illunima Hiseq & Miseq)
Whole Genome Sequencing
Targeted and whole exome sequencing (Haloplex/SureSelect)
Amplicon sequencing
MeDIP-Seq (in development)
RNA-Seq (in development)


primary analysis
support in secondary analysis & data interpretation

Support for expert data analyses (in connection with the IFB-Grand-Ouest bioinformatics core facility)

Note: Biogenouest Genomics has implemented the same NGS technology (Illumina) in order to ensure the development of a broader spectrum of NGS applications

Site 3: Roscoff 'Genomer core facility'

Main fields: Marine genomics

Services :
Sanger Sequencing: Unpurified PCR products, Purified PCR products, Quantitative PCR products (SYBR Green), Plasmid solutions, Bacteria pellets
Genotyping: Microsatellites, AFLP, RFLP, SNaPshot, SSCP
Mass sequencing :
sRNAseq, RADseq

Support for expert data analyses (in connection with ABiMS bioinformatics facility)

Moyens et equipements

Sanger Sequencing

4 ABI3130XL (2001, replaced in 2004; 2 additional in 2004; 1 in 2009)
1 ABI3730 (2006)

High throughput sequencing (NGS)
6 instruments in total as followed

3 MiSeq Illumina (2012; 2014)
1 HiSeq 1500 (2013), 1Hiseq 2500 (2014)
Associated informatics (upgrades in 2015-2016)


Fast DNA sequencing (clinical research applications)

1 PSQ 96MA (2007)


2 epMotion (2006; 2009)
1 Zephyr 384-tip dispenser (2010)
1 Genesis150 (TECAN)
1 Bravo (Agilent) (2015)
1 Biomek NXp + 1 Biomek 4000 (Beckman Coulter) (2016)



Lucidea spotter (2002)
2 microarray scanner Agilent (2005)
iScan (Illumina) (2009)
GeneTitan MC (Affymetrix) (2011)


DNA & cDNA quantification/SNPs/ high throughput qPCR

PCRq 7900 HT (2006)
Roche LightCycler 480 (2010)
dPCR EP1 (Fluidigm) (2012)
Wafergen SmartChip Cycler + MSND (2016) Unique in France

Microfluidic DNA/RNA analysis

3 2100 Bioanalyzer (Agilent) (2007)
Agilent 2200 TapeStation System (2012)
Caliper Labchip XT (2012)


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