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Responsable : Dr. Roger Le Grand, PhD. • Responsable Tech. : Frédéric Ducancel Nathalie Derreudre-Bosquet
Adresse : IDMIT Infrastructure
18 rue du Panorama
92265 Fontenay-aux-Roses, BP6



Plate-forme certifiée ISO 9001

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Presentation de la plate-forme

- Development/validation of Non-Human-Primates (NHP) models for human infectious diseases
- Preclinical NHP experimentation in BSL2; BSL3 & BSL3 aerosol conditions
- Vaccines & innovative therapies safety and efficacy
- Optical (near infra-red fluorecence, confocal endo-microscopy, two-photon microscopy/2017) and nuclear (PET-CT/Phillips/2018) in vivo imaging in NHPs in BSL2 ad BSL3 constrains
- Flow and mass cytometry: CyTOF (Helios)
- Immuno-monitoring
- Biodistribution, pharmacokinetics & pharmacodynamics
- Bioinformatics, data management and treatment
- Biological Ressource Center and biobanking.
- ISO9001-2015 certification (LRQA/July 2017)

Moyens et equipements

Existing equipments and facilities (2012-2018):

A new building has been opened on November 2017 (6600 m2). All our facilities are now gathered in that building "IDMIT"

A) Animal facilities for NHP housing --> 529 in total
- ABSL1: 75
- ABSL2: 235
- ABSL3: 183
- ABSL3+ (aero-contaminant): 36

B) laboratories --> 1090 m2
- Conventional laboratories: 340 m2
- BSL2 laboratories: 420 m2
- BSL3 laboratories: 330 m2

C) In vivo imaging dedicated area: 240 m2

D) External teams welcoming: 120 m2

E) Offices and meeting rooms: 1500 m2

(240) in BSL 2 and 3 conditions

- In vivo imaging in BSL2/3 conditions for NHP:

.Near infra-red fluorescence (Fluobeam)
.Confocal endomicroscopy (CellVizio)
.Two-photon microscopy for non human primates
.PET-CT (Phillips/Vereos)

- FlowCyTech platform:

.Mass cytometry : CyTOF (Helios)
.Flow cytometry : FACS CantoII, FACS LSR-II, FACS
.Fortessa, Sorter FACS ARIA in BSL3 constrains

- Bioinformatics:
.BatLab data management system
.Multiple platforms for data analysis: FlowJo 9 and X;
Infinicyt; Cytobank; GemStone; SPICE

- Immuno-monitoring: B & T cells ELISPOT; Multi-parametric analysis (Bioplex)

- Microbiology: PCR quantification, culture

- Biological resource center: 80°C and -150°C freezers


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