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Responsable : Henry Kennedy • Responsable Tech. : Leon Tremblay - 100% Martine Meunier - 100% Pascale Giroud - 100%
Adresse : 16-18 avenue Doyen Lepine 69500 Lyon
69500 BRON



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Presentation de la plate-forme

• Housing facility for non-human primates, rodents and rabbits.
• Training of non-human primates on complex cognitive tasks in view of behavioral studies, multi-electrode multi-site recording studies, neuropharmacological modulation studies, neuroimaging and any combination of these.
• Behavioural training in mock MRI conditions
149; Neuronavigation (Brainsight) neurosurgery facility
• Optogenetics facility
• Video-tracking behavioral analysis facility (VigiePrimate, PRIM3D).
• Histology of the central nervous system facility
• Biological screening facility
• Histology of the central nervous system facility.
• Obstetrical surgery facility including ultrasound technology (in-utero surgery , embryo transfer, oocyte punction, etc …)
• IVF on macaque
• L1 embryo culture room for microinjection and embryo experimentations
• Transgenesis using lentiviral vectors
• L2 cell culture room for to the culture of pluripotent stem cells from non-human primates, mice and rabbits
• L2 cell culture room for the culture of neural tissue explants and for the primary culture of neural stem cells from non-human primates and mice
• Time-lapse videomicroscopie
• Rodent behavior (motor activity, cognitive tests, anxiety, depression-like and manic-like behavior)

Moyens et equipements

- Animal housing conforming to the 2010-63-UE Directive, for a total capacity of 159 macaque monkeys, 10 microcebes, 5 marmosets
- 2 Brainsight neuronavigation system
- 3 operating room, including a gazous anesthesia system, a respirator, a surgery microscope, echography.
- 2 euthanasia room, with a perfusion hood
- 10 mockscans for training the animals on complex cognitive tasks in view of awake monkey neuroimaging experiments, including the associated experimental control computers and video eye trackers
- 10 multi-electrode recoding labs, including the associated experimental control computers, video eye trackers, microdrives and electrophysiological recording systems
- Behavioral video tracking laboratory
- 2 Histology laboratory, including a microtome
- Elisa plate reader


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