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Imagerie cellulaire et tissulaire
Responsable : Pr Jean MICHEL • Responsable Tech. : Dr Christine TERRYN
Adresse : PICT-URCA
51 rue Cognacq-Jay
51095 REIMS



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Presentation de la plate-forme

In details, imaging facilities per sites are:

1- Medicine-Pharmacy faculties campus: fixed and dynamic, confocal and widefield microscopies, Raman and infrared spectroscopies, OCT, CARS, analyze and post processing of images.

-Scientific characteristics:
Fixed and dynamic cells imaging, tissue imaging,
Videomicroscopy, multiphoton laser scanning microscopy, spinning disk microscopy, optical microspectroscopies (Raman, SRS, Infrared), OCT.

-Services offered;
-Spectral (fluorescence emission, Raman diffusion, infrared absorption, SRS/CARS)
-Multidimensionnal (1D à 5D)
-Multimodal acquisitions
-Molecular interactions (FRAP, FRET, FLIM)
-Second Harmonic Generation imaging (SHG)
-OCT imaging
-3D and 4D images reconstructions
-images quantification
-Developments of ImageJ/FIJI Macros for specific quantification

-Present applications topics ::
•Ca flows analysis,
•Transfection and chimeric protein follow up on fixed and living cells
-Molecular interaction by FRET by FLIM
•Intracellular pharmacokinetic of drugs, cellular mapping of pharmacological targets-drugs molecular interactions.
•Cellular and tissue characterization by Raman and IR-TF spectroscopies, OCT, SHG
•Raman and IR spectroscopies: molecular information to characterised biological samples (cells and tissues) for early diagnosis,
•Physical parameters evaluation (migration, acceleration, distorsion) associated to cellular tracking using transmission and fluorescence videomicroscopy)

2-. CHU Maison Blanche:INSERM UMR 1250:videomicroscopy, microdissection, microscope slide scanner, imaging digital processing, modelling

-Scientific characteristics:
-In vitro models of 2D and 3D cell tracking in relation with tumor invasion and epithelial wound healing.
-In vitro models of cell spatial distribution analysis (cellular sociology).
-Cell-bacteria interaction process.
-In vitro analysis of respiratory epithelium functionality.
-Apoptosis process analysis.
-Fixed tissue and live cells LCM
-Whole slide imaging
-Ions flow analysis.

• Services offered;
.Possibility to access to culture rooms and cryostat
-Image recording for several seconds to several days.
-Quantification of cellular processes.

3. Farman site : (Nanosciences Research Laboratory, EA 4682)
• Scientific characteristics:
Physic-biology interface for imaging and nanoanalysis by electron probe in living sciences.

• Methods:
-Electron microscopies: SEM, TEM, STEM, EFTEM
-Nanoanalysis (water and ions contents at subcellular level and molecular analysis by EDXS , EELS and quantitative dark field STEM)
-Cryomethods (cryofixation, cryosection, cryomicroscopy, High Pressure Freezer)
-Cryo-Correlative Light Electron Microscopy (TEM/STEM/Fluorescence)

4-Sciences Faculty campus: :micro-CT scan, Fluorescence Tomography Fluorescence, MRI 3T

• Scientific characteristics:
3D imaging of materials or in vivo little animals
Resolution 15 microns
Objects 64mmX200mm
Acquisition format: from 1000X1000 to 8000X8000
Reconstruction and visualisation softwares
• Services offered:
Anesthesia device
Physiological monitoring of animals
Handling Hood
Animal house

Moyens et equipements

-IRM Petit Animal 3T
-High Pressure Freezer (HPF) LEICA
-MEB 7900F Jeol + système EDXS
-Scanner de lames OLYMPUS
-Système SRS
-Station d’imagerie multidimensionnelle avec tête confocale rapide et dispositifs TIRF/FRAP 3D
-Station d’imagerie multidimensionnelle
-Station de microdissection laser
-Microimageur IRTF (Hyperion 3000)
-OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography)
-Tomographe moléculaire de fluorescence
-Microscope électronique analytique à transmission (TEM/STEM JEOL2100F) avec spectrométries EDXS et EELS
-Microscanner X
-Microscope confocal biphoton
-Microspectromètre Raman Aramis
-Videomicroscope inversé Axiovert ZEISS
-Microscope droit Axioimageur ZEISS
-Raman axial intravital
-Microimageur IRTF (Spotlight)
-Videomicroscope rapide avec chambre de culture ZEISS
-Microscope rapide ZEISS
-Imageur Raman laser (830 nm)
-Microspectromètre IRTF (Equinoxe)
-Microscope inversé TE 300 Nikon
-Microspectromètres Raman LABRAM (785 nm et 660 nm)
-MEB 5400 Jeol + système EDXS

Moyens informatiques:
-Serveur NAS spectro
-Serveur NAS Imagerie cellulaire
-Serveur NAS petit animal
-PC fixe traitement d’images Amira-Analyze
-PC fixe traitement d’images Imaris
-PC fixe traitement d’images Metamorph
-PC fixe traitement d’images Migrations