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UTechS BioImagerie Ultrastructurale
Responsable : Jacomine Krijnse Locker • Responsable Tech. : Jacomine Krijnse Locker
Adresse : 28, rue du Dr. Roux
75015 Paris



Plate-forme certifiée ISO 9001

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Presentation de la plate-forme

We are a state-of-the-art electron microscopy platform for life sciences, our potential in terms of equipment and expert personnel is paralleled by only a few laboratories in Europe. We offer scientific and technical support in electron microscopy to study host-pathogen interactions as well as the pathogen itself at the ultra-structural level. In addition, we offer our expertise to external users that come with a wide variety of biological questions.
We offer pipelines from sample preparation, imaging to data analysis.
Sample preparation:
1. conventional room temperature embedding and room temperature sectioning
2. preservation by rapid freezing using plunge freezing or high-pressure freezing. Sectioning after freeze-substitution or by cryo-EM of vitreous sections
3. EM immuno-labeling according to Tokuyasu
4. Critical point drying and sputtering
1. Imaging of thin sections by transmission EM.
2. Automated 3D imaging by electron tomography or focused ion beam SEM at room temperature
3. Batch and array tomography
4. cryo-EM of single particles and cryo–electron tomography
5. correlative light- and electron microscopy/electron tomography
Data analysis:
Reconstruction of 3D data sets, manual and automated segmentation.

Moyens et equipements

Our equipment consists of modern sample preparation, imaging and data analyses machines.
Sample preparation:
Three microtomes for room temperature and two for cryo-sectioning one equipped for cryo-EM of vitreous sections.
One high-pressure freezer
Two freeze-substitution machines
One automated critical point dryer
Three transmission EMs that enable for automated imaging, one for high-resolution cryo-EM equipped with a Falcon II direct detector. All three are equipped for electron tomography acquisitions
One Jeol scanning EM equipped for cryo-SEM
One focused ion beam SEM for 3D data acquisition of large volumes
A cryo-light microscope (cryo-CLEM) for automated correlative light- and electron tomography.
Data analyses:
Three working stations for reconstructions of 3D data-sets (electron tomography tilt series and FIB-SEM data sets) and for manual and automated segmentation.