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Fédération d'Imagerie Multimodalité
Responsable : Dominique Le Guludec • Responsable Tech. : Nadège Anizan, IR
Adresse : UFR de médecine. Paris 7 Denis Diderot site Xavier-Bichat. 16 rue Huchard 75018
75018 Paris



Plate-forme certifiée ISO 9001

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Presentation de la plate-forme

Imagerie échographique, IRM haut champ, SPECT, TEP, radiomarquage de molécules; explorations fonctionnelles (ECG, cages métaboliques)

Moyens et equipements

1. Doppler echography– Toshiba Power Vision 6000 workstation equipped with an 8-14 MHz linear probe for mice and rats, and a 6-10 MHz sectorial probe for mice, rats and rabbits (1999) [iso]
2. Doppler echography Vevo 2100, (Visualsonics) [iso] with 9-18 MHz and 22-55 MHz probes and
software for myocardial strain analysis. (2010)
3. DST-XL General Electric gamma camera for large animals (2002)
4. Gamma-camera IMAGER Biospace Lab, with 2 fixed (non rotative) detectors, planar and pinhole collimators, for mice, rats and rabbits (2003)
5. « NanoSPECT/CT Multi-pinholes » (Bioscan) with « Nuclide » and MMP-SPECT software for mice, rats, and rabbits (2010)
6. « Mosaic HP Lyso PET », (Philips, Bioscan) with SYNTEGRA software for mice, rats and rabbits
7. 7T MRI Bruker (2011) Pharmascan
8. Beta IMAGER™ 3374, Biopace Lab, Paris for quantitative autoradiography of tissue sections.
9. High Liquid Performance Chromatography coupled to radioactivity detector, for radiotracer purification and analysis: Dionex Ultimate U3000 (2012, common IFR and U698)
10. High energy leaded hood, Ge-68/Ga-68 generator, and automated synthesis module for Ga-68
radiolabelling (2011, common IFR and U698)


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