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GRISBI - Grille, Support à la Bioinformatique
Responsable : Christophe Blanchet • Responsable Tech. : Christophe Caron
Adresse : Institut de Biologie et Chimie des Protéines
7 passage du Vercors
69007 LYON
69007 LYON



Pas de certification ISO

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Presentation de la plate-forme

The GRISBI Platform is a joined initiative between six French bioinformatics platforms: PRABI Lyon, MIGALE Jouy-en-Josas, GenOuest Rennes et Roscoff, CBIB Bordeaux, BIPS Strasbourg, CIB Lille. This effort tends to set up a grid infrastructure devoted to Bioinformatics at the national level. The goals of this bioinformatics grid is to be able to address challenging bioinformatics applications dealing with large scale systems : comparative genomics and genome annotation, protein function prediction, molecular interaction like protein-protein or DNA-protein, … This will be reached by sharing and by mutualizing the existing resources of the six platforms with grid software components and tools to coordinate and mutualize these resources : computing and storage hardware resources, but also database and software resources. For the first times the grid connection will concern the current six platforms. For the following steps, this model may be extend, according to the possibilities, to other bioinformatics, biological and computing platforms from interested research agency, such as for example national supercomputing centres or local and generic computing mesocentres.

All six centres of GRISBI are participating to the French RENABI network (Réseau National des plate-formes de Bioinformatique). Three platforms of GRISBI have set up a Quality Management System to acquire a Quality Assurance according to the ISO 9001:2000 standard: two have been already validated (Geneouest Rennes, BIPS Strasbourg), one other will be candidate in November 2008 (MIGALE Jouy-en-Josas)

As bioinformatics platforms, the six centres participating to the GRISBI grid aim at satisfying bioinformatics needs related to research activities of biology labs and to be a resource centre to the scientific community by giving access to biological data and bioinformatics software. All the six platforms are providing a variety of services, complementing each other:
• hosting and support of public software and databases available either via anonymous public access or via protected secure access,
• development and maintenance of databases and innovative bioinformatics methods and software,
• customised software/database developments,
• bioanalyse,
• bioinformatics training.

Moyens et equipements

Each platform has already its own computing and storage resources, and is running them for production to bioinformatics user community, local and national. These computing resources are at the scale of tenths to hundreds of CPU (managed with cluster tools), which are accessible to the users through command line jobs submission or through high-level interfaces like Web portals or Web services. These resources made available to the bioinformatics community for a daily usage include storage resources too, but also software resources as such as well-known and usual bioinformatics tools and biological data.


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