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Plateforme Bioinformatique de Strasbourg
Responsable : Olivier Poch • Responsable Tech. : Frédéric Plewniak
Adresse : Plate-Forme de Bio-Informatique
1 rue Laurent Fries
67404 Illkirch



Pas de certification ISO

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Presentation de la plate-forme

Bioinformatics resources and expertise for the study of higher eukaryotic genomes and genetic expression control applied to research on human pathologies.

A) Access to bioinformatics tools either on-line or through authenticated connection.

1) Locally developed original bioinformatics tools for:
(i) production and exploitation of high-grade multiple sequence alignment (PipeAlign, MACSIMS,...),
(ii) sequence quality assessment and prediction validation (vALId),
(iii) transcription or promoter analysis (PromAn, SAGETTARIUS),
(iv) SNP comparative homozygosity mapping (HomoSNP).

2) Third-party bioinformatics tools:
(i) over 40 public databanks (Genbank, Uniprot, Protein Data Bank,Unigene, EMBL,...),
(ii) 41 complete eukaryotic genomes,
(iii) bioinformatics software (EMBOSS, Blast, FastA, Hmmer, Genomatix, TransFac, TransCompel, Ingenuity...)

B) Consulting and expertise in bioinformatics and bio-analysis :
(i) scientific support for efficient access and use of bioinformatics tools and results interpretation,
(ii) development of original bioinformatics databanks or software within collaboration/partnerships research projects,
(iii) design and/or realisation of bioinformatics solutions involving various programs and protocols for complex data treatment and exploitation.

The platform Quality Management Systme for the above activities was certified by LRQA in June 2007 according to the ISO9001:2000 standard.

Moyens et equipements

Cluster de 14 lames de 8 processeurs avec 24 Go par lame
+ 1 serveur master de 16 processeur avec 24Go
+ 10 To de disque en local
(achat en 2010)

50 To de stockage haute disponibilité (gestion centralisée au niveau de l'IGBMC et partagé avec les autres services de l'institut)


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