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Proteomics@PSL University
Responsable : Joëlle VINH • Responsable Tech. : ESPCI VINH, 50% Institut Curie LOEW, 80%
Adresse : Proteomics@PSL University
10 rue Vauquelin
75231 Paris cedex 05



Pas de certification ISO

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Presentation de la plate-forme

- protein digestion by trypsin, endo Lys-C, endo AspN, endo Glu-C (in-solution or in-gel) and glycosydases
- MALDI MS (fingerprinting) and MS/MS (sequencing)
- ESI and nanoESI FT MS and MS/MS
- nano LC MS/MS runs of proteolytic or endogenous peptides complex mixtures
- database searches (Mascot / Sequest / ProteinPilot / X!Tandem / Peaks / MaxQuant andromeda / Byonic)
- scientific and technical support for the CNRS national network TGE FTICR for high resolution mass spectrometry (FR3624,
- open access after training to MALDI instrument
- on-line access to the results through our home-made bioinformatics solution MyProMS (upon demand)

- protein modifications (phosphoproteome, ubiquitome, acetylome, redoxome, glycosylations, and other genetically encoded or chemical and metabolic modifications, etc)
- peptidomics
- large scale protein identification, proteome analysis, quantification (label-free, SILAC, TMT and iTraq, etc.)
- middle down and middle up, top down on FT MS
- glycomics

Moyens et equipements

In total on both sites: 4 nanoLC U3000 instruments, 6 nanoLC RSLC U3000 instruments are available.

ESPCI site:
- MALDI-TOF/TOF 5800 Applera, 2012 (ESPCI)
- nanoESI Q Exactive HF, ThermoFisher, 2016 (CR Ile de France)
- nanoESI Q Exactive, ThermoFisher, 2011 (Paris, ESPCI, CR Ile de France)
- nanoESI LTQ Orbitrap, ThermoFisher, 2008 (Industrial partnership)
- nanoESI LTQFT UltraThermoFisher ECD/IRMPD, 2003 (CPER FRT)

Institut Curie site
- MALDI-TOF/TOF 4800 plus AB SCIEX, 2008 (PROCAN)
- NanoESI Orbitrap tribrid Fusion ThermoFisher, 2014 (FRM, Cancéropôle Ile-de-France)
- NanoESI Q Exactive HF-X, 2017 (ITMO, Cancéropôle Ile-de-France)