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Responsable : Julien Vermot, Philippe Rondé • Responsable Tech. : Jean Luc Vonesch 100% ICI / Ludovic Richert 50% PIQ
Adresse : QUEST
1 rue Laurent Fries
67404 Illkirch-Graffenstaden



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Presentation de la plate-forme

The functional core of the QuESt is constituted by the imaging facilities of the IGBMC (ICI) and Faculty of Pharmacy, UMR7213 (PIQ).

The QuESt is located on two sites in Illkirch-Graffenstaden: IGBMC and Faculty of Pharmacy.
Sites: ICI, IGBMC, 1 rue Laurent Fries, Illkirch-Graffenstaden.

The facilities are managed via cooperation of scientific and technical coordinators and piloting committees. The engineers of the facilities insure the access of external and internal users to the established and developing advanced imaging techniques (such as confocal and multiphoton microscopy, light-sheet, STED, PALM, Atomic Force Microscopy, scanning and transmission electron microscopy etc.) and dedicated trainings. The extensive trainings enable the facilities’ users to autonomously access a large number of imaging devices and know-how support. This kind of access is regulated by project-based access and/or on-line booking systems allowing for automated billing. The multidisciplinary background of the engineers (physics/optics, cell biology, chemistry, informatics and image processing) facilitates the interactions with the researches of different horizons and allows conducting new instrumental and methodological developments in interaction with public and private R&D laboratories (see multisite for detailed description).

Moyens et equipements

ICI site:
List of instruments
i) imaging:
2 transmission electron microscopes(2005, 2008);
1 scanning electron microscope (1994);
2 widefield epifluorescent macroscopes;
1 confocal macroscope (developed in 2007);
6 widefield epifluorescent microscopes;
2 videomicroscopes;
8 confocal microscopes (3 multiphoton, 2009-2015);
2 spinning-disk microscopes (2012, 2018);
1 light-sheet microscope (2015).

ii) sample preparation
1 laminar flow hood;
3 aspiration hoods;
5 cell culture incubators;
2 freeze-substitution devices;
1 knife-maker;
3 ultramicrotomes;
3 brightfield microscopes;
3 brightfield binoculars;
1 epifluorescent binocular.

iii) micromechanics (major equipment)
Computerized numerical control (CNC) turning center (3 axes);
CNC drill for plastic materials;
Precision lathe with 3-jaw chuck and live centre;
3D-CAD workstation;
iv) image processing:
4 workstations equipped with image processing software (e.g. Imaris, Metamorph)

PIQ site:
- CW-STED microscope Olympus IX81 (2012)
- Spectral confocal microscope Leica TCS SPE II (2012)
- Single particle microscopy (SM, FRET sPT) (2010),with an adaptation of upconverting nanoparticles (UCNP) with a monophton exciation in the IR (2015)
-3D-PALM microscope Nikon Ti-E (PALM, dSTORM, sPAINT) (2016) with the adaptive optics modulus, this instrument was a spin-off of SM microscope.
- Multimodal microscope iMIC Till Photonics (FRET / FRAP / TIRF / Structured Illumination / dSTORM) (2009)
- Atomic Force Microscopy NT-NDT Prima (2008)
- Videomicroscope Leica AS MDW for fast 4D recording (2008)
- Videomicroscope Leica DM IRBE2 coupled with a micro-injection system (Eppendorf) (2008)
- Quantitative imaging system 2 photons Olympus (FLIM / FCS) (2006). This set-up is continuously upgraded. In 2013, a broad-band Insight two photon laser was implemented
- Correlative AFM-fluorescence microscopy NT-MDT Aura (2011)
- A cell culture room exclusively dedicated to users of the platform
- 4 offline stations
- a data server in RAID 5


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